When visitors think of a courthouse, they probably picture ornate woodwork or imposing stone columns.

But the true heart of a courthouse is the people in it. Take a closer look into the many roles within the courthouse and imagine how you can become a part of it all.

Exhibit Topics & Activities


Many Roles, a Common Goal

Some of the people in a courthouse work closely together. Others are opponents who argue against each other. But whatever their job, everybody here is a vital part of a just process. Come visit the center to learn about each of these roles and ask yourself: what would happen if this person weren’t here? How would that affect justice?


Career Possibilities

There are more roles within the courtroom than you probably think. Visit the center to play our interactive puzzle to learn about all of the roles, including the Judge, U.S. Marshal, Courtroom Deputy, Law Clerk, Court Reporter, Interpreter, Defense Counsel, the Prosecutor or Plaintiff Counsel and even a dog!


A Balanced Courtroom - Judge, Prosecution and Defense

Visit the center to use our hands-on interactive and learn how the prosecution or plaintiff tries to prove that the defendant committed a crime or caused damages, the defense argues that the defendant did not do what they are accused of, and the judge explains laws to the jury and ensures a fair process.


Meet the Judges

Visit the center to see photos of our active Article III, lifetime appointment judges, including photos of when they were children and hear about what inspired them to pursue a career in the law.

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