How can you influence the arc of justice?

Fortunately, our justice system offers many opportunities to get involved. Through voting, jury service, and civic engagement, every citizen helps shape American justice. The courts guarantee a just process, but it’s the responsibility of everyone living in a society to secure justice.

Exhibit Topics & Activities


Serving on a Jury

If you’re an American citizen over the age of 18, you may be asked to serve on a jury. Come to the center to learn how you would listen to lawyers present both sides of a case, discuss the evidence with other jurors and, finally, deliver a verdict—a decision about whether the accusations are true.



Voting is the cornerstone of any democracy. You can shape justice at the ballot box. Some judges are elected to their positions by voters like you. Other judges are appointed and confirmed by leaders who you voted for.


Welcoming American Citizens

There are two ways to become an American citizen. One way is to simply be born here. The other way is to go through the naturalization process and take an Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America. The courthouse isn’t only a place for resolving disputes, it’s also a place of joy: where people from all over the world gather to become United States citizens.


Citizenship Test

Think you could pass the test to become an American? Visit the center to take the test in person against your classmates, or try out the online version.


You be the Judge

Visit the center to use our replica judge’s bench, complete with a judge’s robe! Play the interactive game at the bench and see how you would decide the case. Think it’s always black and white? Think again…


You be the Jury

Visit the center to play our interactive juror game. Examine the evidence carefully and use it to reach your verdict. Remember to keep an open mind — justice is in your hands!


What does Justice Mean to You?

At the end of your visit to The Justice & Democracy Centers of Minnesota, you’ll have a chance to share what justice means to you. Justice is rooted in democracy, and democracy means making your voice heard. So step into a voting booth and share your thoughts!

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