Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The United States District Court for the District of Minnesota is committed to re-doubling its on-going community engagement efforts, while building an enhanced educational outreach model – both in a physical space and online – that is equitable and inclusive, where diverse voices and topics on the importance of the rule of law in our democracy are celebrated. We believe the unique role of an independent judiciary in America can help to enrich the development of all students, educators, and visitors to our centers.

Diversity and rule of law topics the Justice & Democracy Centers plan to have programming on include, but are not limited to:

  • The Duluth Lynchings and Mob Violence in America
  • Women in the Law
  • The Naturalization Process – Steps to Becoming an American Citizen
  • Naturalization Stories – How Immigrants Enrich America
  • Lessons from the Third Reich & the Failure of the Rule of Law
  • Tribal Law and Native Sovereignty
  • Diversity on the Bench – Unique Pathways to Being a Judge
  • Landmark Cases and Their Importance: Korematsu, Brown, Gideon, Dred Scott etc.
  • Roles Within the Justice System – Careers in the Courthouse Restorative Justice – the Probation Process & Re-Entry
  • The African American Legal Experience in Minnesota
  • The Latino Legal Experience in Minnesota
  • The Asian Pacific Islander Legal Experience in Minnesota
  • The LGBTQ Legal Experience in Minnesota
  • The Native American Legal Experience in Minnesota Perspectives on Federal Criminal Sentencing – Community Considerations & Impacts
  • Religious Freedoms & Protections in America