About Us

Civics education in America has declined in recent decades, leaving most school-age children poorly equipped to understand modern social and political events.

Since the late 1990s, less than a quarter of all 8th graders tested at or above the NAEP Basic Standards in civics.

The Justice & Democracy Centers of Minnesota believes that a student who has had the chance to engage with and learn about the functions of their government will be a more civically-minded citizen as they enter adulthood. These students grow up to form the next cohort of adults who vote and serve on juries, upon which our democracy relies. 

Our Mission

To promote public understanding of the rule of law and the role of an independent judiciary in our democracy through free, accessible, and equitable educational programming, both virtual and in-person.

“Civic education, like all education, is a continuing enterprise and conversation. Each generation has an obligation to pass on to the next, not only a fully functioning government responsive to the needs of the people, but the tools to understand and improve it.”

– Chief Justice John Roberts, 2019

Our Team

The Justice & Democracy Centers of Minnesota are staffed by employees of the Clerk’s Office of the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota.

Community Supporters

Our work would not be possible without our generous supporters.