Welcome to the Justice & Democracy Centers of Minnesota!​

We are an educational outreach effort of the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota.

Foundations & Frameworks

Learn the relationships between the three branches of government, the systems of courts and jurisdictions, the distinction between criminal and civil cases, and how our legal structures are rooted in the concept of the Rule of Law.

Landmark Cases

Explore the history of American justice through five landmark cases and the repercussions of these judicial decisions.

Judge‘s gavel on brown shining table and bookshelf background.

People of the Court

The true heart of a courthouse is the people in it. Take a closer look into the many roles of the courthouse, how they impact the court system, and how you can be part of the process. 

Court of the People

How can you influence the arc of justice? Discover the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and how America’s legal system establishes its legitimacy through the public participation of all citizens. 


Seven people vote on a basketball court at a recreation center serving as polling place.